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Before you can start earning Bitcoins you will need a Bitcoin Wallet. We recommend and use Xapo! Through your wallet you can receive and send Bitcoins to any address.

If you have a product or service to sell you can start accepting Bitcoins instantly.

A more passive approach is to use Faucets and perform tasks in exchange for Bitcoins (satoshis). Many sites use microwallets that allow you to accumulate your fractional bitcoins before sending to your Wallet address.

Below is a list of our favorite Bitcoin sites!


Earn COIN playing games!

Coming soon! Compet Game

We pay CASH for Entropia Universe peds and items. Thinking about quitting and do not want to wait the 4-6 months for MA to deposit? Or have the 1000 ped minimum? Hit a big HoF and want to cashout a small amount? Email with the amount of peds you have. Buying on all planets: Calypso, Arkadia, Rocktropia, Cyrene, Toulan, Next Island.

Entropia Universe "3D MMO Multi Virtual World Real Cash Economy Experience"


Clix Sense: Crowdflower Tasks, surveys and more!




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